Kick off summer reading with 6 brand new books from Berkley!

Enter for a chance to win.

Kick off summer reading with 6 brand new books from Berkley!

Enter for a chance to win.

Cover image for A Springtime Heart
A Springtime Heart by Martha Perry
Dorcas Beiler's reckless teenage years are far behind her. She's serious and responsible now. But when her first love returns after years of exile from the community, her past comes rushing back. Thomas is the only one who knows her secret.

Thomas Fisher has plans. Plans to start a construction company and prove himself a success to all those who doubted him, and plans to find the woman he left behind. His chance comes when he lands the opportunity to rebuild the stable and shed at the community school. He won't be paid for his time, but he'll be able to showcase his abilities...and spend time with Dorcas.

Scenting love in the air, Dorcas's young pupils make excuses to bring them together. As old feelings stir, Dorcas and Thomas wonder whether their first love might also be their last.
Cover image for Death of a Wandering Wolf
Death of a Wandering Wolf by Julia Buckley

The only thing Hana loves more than a good cuppa is finding a delicate porcelain treasure to add to her collection. She's usually on the hunt for teacups but when she spots a rare wolf figurine at a local yard sale. Hana also knows the wolf is valuable and tells the seller that he's charging too little for it. His reaction is peculiar--he says he received the wolf from someone he doesn't trust and just wants it out of his life.

Hana is inspecting her new prize when she finds a microchip attached to the bottom of the porcelain wolf. When she shows it to her police detective boyfriend, Erik, Hana is shocked to learn that the chip is actually a tracking device. They decide to confront the seller but when they arrive at his house, they find him dead. Erik and Hana now must hunt a calculating killer who has no intentions of crying wolf when it comes to murder.
Cover image for Lady Rights a Wrong
Lady Rights a Wrong by Eliza Casey

Lady Cecilia of Danby Hall feels adrift. She couldn’t be less interested in helping to plan the church's upcoming bazaar. Instead, what excites her most is the Woman’s Suffrage Union meeting she has just attended.

Cecilia is eager to join the Union—if she can hide it from her parents, that is. But when leader of the group Mrs. Price is found dead in her home, her Votes for Women sash torn away, Cecilia knows she must attend to a more urgent matter: finding the killer. With the help of her lady’s maid Jane and intelligent cat Jack, she hopes to play her part in earning women’s equality by stopping the Union’s dangerous foe.

Cover image for The Cowboy Says I Do
The Cowboy Says I Do by Dylann Crush
Newly elected mayor, Lacey Cherish, ran for office to redeem the family name after her father had to resign for un-mayorly like conduct. But if she wants to salvage her family’s reputation, and the town's economy, she'll need to think fast. 

Lacey's grand plans have just made Deputy Sheriff Bodie Phillips's life a whole lot harder. He's got bigger problems. Like figuring out why his dad and grandfather mysteriously shut down the family business, and who's abandoning dogs within the town limits.

When Lacey’s chance at getting major mayor publicity is jeopardized, she’s forced to rely on Bodie for help. But as their attraction heats up, they both have to decide how far they’re willing to go to revive the town and their families’ honor.
Cover image for Witches and Wedding Cake
Witches and Wedding Cake by Bailey Cates
Katie is marrying Declan McCarthy in less than a week, and she's still finding time to run the Honeybee Bakery, where she infuses sweets and treats with special spells and cheerful charms. But her hope of getting hitched without a hitch is short-lived. When Declan's family shows up early, his youngest sister finds an unsavory surprise: her ex-husband, dead in a hotel room hours after they argued.

The ex was a scam artist with a lot of enemies, but the argument puts Declan's sister under suspicion. Katie—along with her witchy friends in the spellbook club—will really have to work some magic to figure out who killed the con man...or there may not be a wedding.
Cover image for Word to the Wise
Word to the Wise by Jenn McKinlay
Lindsey Norris is finally getting married to the man of her dreams—but it's not all roses for Briar Creek's beloved library director. As inappropriate looks from town newcomer Aaron Grady and his unwelcome late-night visits to Lindsey's house have everyone from the crafternooners to Lindsey's fiancé, Sully, on edge.

When Grady's dead body is found outside the library and all the clues point to Sully, But becoming a thorn in the killer's side is not without its consequences, and the closer Lindsey gets to the truth, the more determined the murderer is to make her just a footnote.

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